Brigitte Grisanti New York Pizza & Pasta Fan in Gatlinburg, Tenneesee

As most of my friends know I love New York pizza. I fell in love with it during my travels for my new job I started over a year ago. I then fell in love with all the various ethnic foods that New York serves up. My friends think I have stopped loving the food of my hometown of Gatlinburg because I’m always raving about the foods I eat in New York. That isn’t true. I love all the foods I grew up with and I love how Gatlinburg has grown to adopt foreigners from other states into their hearts. This has allowed Gatlinburg to offer new varieties to their faithful tourists year after year.  Today I rave about a local Gatlinburg pizza and pasta restaurant I’ve visited a bunch of times. New York Pizza & Pasta located right here in Gatlinburg.  Everything is delicious, whether you choose their numerous pizza combinations or their pasta cooked perfectly al dente. 

Check out their you tube video below and visit them soon!

Brigitte Grisanti New York Pizza & Pasta Fan in Gatlinburg, Tenneesee


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