Brigitte Grisanti New York 2013 Food Trends

1. Crepes are over and hamburgers are on the rise.

2. Short-dish places will continue to flourish, but the menus will become more diverse.

3. Rabbit is the new chicken and menus will also have game that includes deer, buffalo, grouse, pheasant, squab, and duck.

4. Restaurants will list more lower costs wines on their wine lists.

5. Animal organ meats will continue making it to New York menus. Organs are cheaper than other meats and they taste good, or at least different, from other meats.

6. You will see many more BBQ places, partly because the Paleolithic Diet and barbecue are almost one and the same thing.

7. Breakfast service will be added at many restaurants, but only a few will succeed in making any money at it.

8. Udon and soba will finally have their revenge on ramen.

9. The reinvention of table utensils, i.e,  sporks, fifes, and soupoons will be seen as table settings.

10. New front-of-the-house models, and models of the relationship between kitchen and dining room, will be experimented with. So will new point-of-purchase ordering systems, where you place your own order on a screen.

Brigitte Grisanti New York 2013 Food Trends

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