Brigitte Grisanti New York Foodie Provides Friends with List of Edible Flowers

I recently had a conversation with a New York friend where I said there are dozens of flowers that are edible.  True to the New York fashion of conversation she challenged me to find such a list.  Well here it is.  I know you’re all going to say some are spices but they “technically” belong to the flower family.   Happy Flower Eating from Brigitte Grisanti New York Foodie.

1.  Allium,  2.  Angelica,  3.  Anise hyssop,  4. Arugula,  5. Bachelor’s button,  6.  Basil,  7. Bee balm, 8. Borage,  9. Calendula / marigold,  10. Carnations / dianthus,  11. Chamomile,  12. Chervil,  13. Chicory,  14. Chrysanthemum,  15. Cilantro,  16. Citrus (orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit, kumquat),  17. Clover, 18. Dandelion,  19. Dill,  20. English daisy,  21. Fennel,  22. Fuchsia,  23. Gladiolus,  24. Hibiscus,  25. Hollyhock,  26. Impatiens,  27. Jasmine,  28. Johnny Jump-Up,  29. Lavender,  30. Lemon berbena,  31. Lilac,  32. Mint,   33. Nasturtium,  34. Oregano,  35. Pansy,  36. Radish,  37. Rose,  38. Rosemary, 39.  Sage, 40. Squash and pumpkin,  41. Sunflower and 42. Violets.

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