Brigitte Grisanti New York Foodie Suggests Spice Master Blends for Gifts

Although Christmas is far off why not pencil in a gift for a Foodie or Cook in your family now.  Want to buy something different and unique for the Cook in your life?  Try planning ahead on your next trip into New York City and stop in at La Boite. La Boite is the shop of Spice Master Lior Lev Sercarz and is located at 724 11th Avenue in New York City.  The transformational power of the right spice is what Lev Sercarz of La Boite is famous for.  Some of his formulas are below and are known to alter the reaction of the natural senses to contradictory positions.  Since he is busy working for top level chefs his shop is only open to the public twelve hours a week (Wednesday to Friday from 3pm to 7pm).  For the Foodie in your life this is sure to be the perfect gift!  Bon Appetite from Brigitte Grisanti New York Foodie

Pierre Poivre (Blend No. 7 with eight varieties of pepper)

Kibbeh (Blend No. 15, mostly cumin, garlic and parsley)

Ararat (Blend No. 35, with smoked paprika, Urfa chilies and fenugreek leaves)

Mishmish (Blend No 33, with crystallized honey, lemon zest and saffron)

Reims (Blend No. 39, with cinnamon, mace, ginger and star anise)

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